6 11 2012

AFTER BRAGGING about his economic achievements in front of the Filipino community in Laos, President Aquino took another swipe at former President Arroyo. The economy has moved up but the President hasn’t moved on.

Plane Crash
Investigators concluded that the plane crash that killed former DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo was due to engine and pilot errors. Sorry President Aquino, it’s not GMA.

Political Dynasty
Despite a constitutional provision stating otherwise, reelectionist senator Alan Peter Cayetano said there’s nothing wrong with political dynasties. Something’s wrong with him.

Alan Peter Cayetano’s fellow Nacionalista, senatorial aspirant Cynthia Villar was also quoted to have said there’s nothing wrong with political dynasties. To which the 1987 Constitution replied, “Hiyang-hiya naman ako sa inyo. Palit na lang tayo. Kayo na ang konstitusyon.”

Party-List System
Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. lamented that after 14 years, “the party-list system has not served its purpose” and “the performance of party-list groups is very negligible.” Brillantes’ bold statement came as a bit of a shock to… no one.

MRT Fare
Amid strong public opposition to the proposed MRT fare hike, an MRT coach caught fire. Well played MRT. Well played.

US Elections
The US presidential election is underway. Democratic candidate Barack Obama is reportedly ahead of Republican Governor Mitt Romney. But things could change when election returns from Lanao Del Sur and Maguindanao arrive.

Mitt Romney or Barack Obama? Apparently, Chiz Escudero is endorsing the Democrat saying, “Ang kandidato ko may B.”

Surveys put President Barack Obama ahead of Governor Mitt Romney… disproving rumors that the Massachusetts governor won the endorsement of INC Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo.

This just in: Governor Mitt Romney has denied allegations that his camp was behind the Arroyobama propaganda.

Adele’s Baby
As of Nov. 5, Grammy Award-winning artist Adele has yet to name her new baby. The boy’s father is Simon Koneck so she’s choosing between Anong and Walang.
“The State shall guarantee the EQUAL ACCESS to opportunities in the public service and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law.”
~Philippine Constitution

Quote of the Weak
“If you have relatives in government and all of you are clean, isn’t that better than being the only one in government from your family but you’re quite corrupt?”
~Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano defending political dynasties in the Philippines

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19 responses

6 11 2012

Itong si Peter Cayetano, parang santo kung magsalita. Something is wrong with political dynasty so there must be something wrong with him and with them.

Nakakahiya ang pag depensa nya sa political dynasty. Tiwalang tiwala siya sa sarili na hindi siya corrupt. Bakit, sino ba ang magsasabi na corrupt sila? Kahit na yung convicted sa plunder nga naniniwalang hindi pa rin sila corrupt.

Sana, tumugil na sa kadadakdak itong si Peter!

6 11 2012
Li'l town girl

The more reliable surveys, Gallup and Rasmussen, DO NOT put B. Obama ahead as of right now. Even CNN, in the tank for Obama, says O and R are in a tie.

6 11 2012

A black president who can speak english elected again.
Only in america, but not in the philippines.

Binay turned green with envy – not that you could see it.
His christmas wishes – whitening cream and elocution lessons, – plus stem cell therapy, (UNA qualify for a group purchase discount).
Cayetano’s wife must be the exception to cayetano’s rule/ flawed logic
“Dear MacGyver , Sending you a wire, a wrench, a string and a rubberband. Impress me. Save our country from thieves”
Professional heckler

6 11 2012

hindi nga kurap si sen alan peter cayetano. pero ask ko lang, yun kayang mga schools na may malalaking pangalan niya sa roof, mas malaki pa ang pangalan niya sa pangalan ng school, na akala mo sa kanya galing ang school building…totoo kaya na galing sa kanyang sariling personal na pera? kung hindi, ano kaya tawag dun? kukurap kurap ka pag nakita mo yung panaglan niya. totoo heckler, hiya hiya nga tayo sa kanya.

6 11 2012

Our constitution is like the bible – you can interpret it any way.

And there’s the irony.

6 11 2012
Clarita Hallares

thank you!


6 11 2012

It’s gonna be a tough decision for Adele. LOL

7 11 2012

You forgot Enrile. He did a whole book full of nothing wrong.

7 11 2012
amateur heckler

when you believe that having relatives in government is not a violation of the constitution or try to convince the people that it is better to have many who are ALL clean than one who is corrupt, then your wisdom is corrupted.

7 11 2012

Glad I came upon your blogs. Until now, I’m still wondering when, where, and how the hatred of President P-Noy against ex-PGMA all started. Ano ba talaga puno’t dulo? I have my opinions but would like to hear from an expert, or a well informed netizen.

7 11 2012

natural lang naman magsabi na walang masama sa political dynasty pag nasa parehas kang posisyon. alangan naman ilaglag mo sarili mo.

7 11 2012

Obama victory speech – ‘once you go black, you don’t go back’

Another four years employment for stevie wonder, mary j blige, black eyed peas, and other pensioner pop stars

Vicki belo to market blackening cream in US

7 11 2012

If at first you dont succeed – screw up again.

Obama thinks – ‘less basketball – more work’ – is he aquinos black cousin?

8 11 2012

you sir are sounding more racist by the minute. very disappointing.

13 11 2012

i will apologise.
certainly not racist (unless you count disliking the french, but so does everyone)
i just followed a thought in my head so understand it could come across in that way.
i also make comments about gays but am not homophobic.
( my PA is black and gay – seriously)

8 11 2012

pwede bang makasuhan ang mga political dynasties dahil lumalabag sila sa philippine constitution? if yes, bakit walang nag-abala? ibig sabihin, lahat tayo may kasalanan kung bakit sila namihasa

8 11 2012

hindi ba alam ni alan na siguro ang kanyang family lang ang clean amongst the political dynasties? at iyan ay kung clean nga sila

at ngayon pa lang puntirya na nya ang presidency dahil may advance ad na sya?

8 11 2012

mister heckler, pwede paki explain more yung tungkol sa “mrt fare’? kasi hindi ko naintindihan

12 11 2012

Ah PH, Anong walang Koneck? haha

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