23 11 2011

THE PAST 10 DAYS have been action-packed and full of surprises. I guess Atty. Midas Marquez will agree.

Everyone’s talking about Atty. Midas Marquez and his awkward gulat moment seen live on TV. This morning, the Supreme Court voted 12-3 to stop the spread of the video. President Aquino’s three appointees dissented saying the public has the right to know the “truth.”

The purported mugshots of former President Arroyo have leaked to the press. And Asian Hospital doctors were like, “Don’t look at us!”

DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo says the Arroyo mugshots that came out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer Tuesday were fake. But the police insist they’re real. The truth? More than a year after the Luneta bus hostage crisis, Robredo still doesn’t have control over the police.

Erap and Edsa
According to Joseph Estrada, his arrest “triggered Edsa 3, whose number was more than those of Edsa 1 and 2 combined.” There goes another Erap joke!

Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela once said, “In my country, we go to prison first and then become President.” In the Philippines, it’s the opposite.

Anti-Discrimination Bill
The Senate has approved the Anti-Discrimination Act of 2011. The proposed measure seeks to prohibit and penalize racial discrimination in the delivery of goods and services, media, workplace, educational institutions, and the Office of the Vice President.

NBI Anniversary
The National Bureau of Investigation just turned 75. Or as Senator Loren Legarda would say, “Puwede na!”

SEA Games
Philippine Sports officials predicted a 70 gold medal haul for Pinoy athletes in the 26th Southeast Asian Games in Indonesia. On Tuesday, the athletes went home with only 36 gold medals and finished a humiliating sixth place overall. President Aquino blamed the debacle on Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Goodbye EDSA?
A congressman from Bohol has filed a bill seeking to rename EDSA and call it Cory Aquino Avenue. Geez. What’s next? Bimby Boulevard? ‘Daang Matuwid’ Expressway? Enough.

How about Sipsip Street?

The good news: both Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez who fought last November 12 were tested negative for any banned substance. The bad news: the judges were.

Breaking Dawn
The biggest box-office draw this week is ‘Breaking Dawn,’ the latest installment of ‘The Twilight Saga.’ The Twilight series tells about the story of vampires and werewolves – or as we collectively call them here in the Philippines, ‘Congress.’

Mega Moves
Sharon Cuneta has switched networks. Again.

Former ABS-CBN talent Sharon Cuneta has signed up with TV5. Interviewed after the contract signing, the Megastar said, “You cannot question my loyalty.” Tell that to Globe.

I heard it was a mega-buck deal. After all, isa siyang malaking artista.

Paternity Test
A 20-year-old student has dropped her paternity lawsuit against Justin Bieber. It turned out that the baby’s real father was Manny Pacquiao.
“It’s all ’bout the money
it’s all ’bout the dum dum duh dee dum dum
I don’t think its funny… ”

Quote of the Day
“Nitong mga huling araw, naglipana na naman po ang mga walang katuturang patutsada at mga kuwentong barbero laban sa atin. Masyado daw tayong agresibo sa paghabol sa mga tiwali’t nagkasala. Ang sagot ko sa kanila: kung gaano sila ka-agresibo sa pagkakamal ng salapi ng taumbayan noon, magiging triple ang pagharurot natin para panagutin sila ngayon.”
~President Aquino

TIME: Dynastic Duel: It’s Arroyo vs. Aquino in the Philippines’ Latest Political Battle

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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32 responses

23 11 2011

On Mega’s loyalty:
from Knorr to Maggi.
from Selecta to Nestle.
from Globe to Smart.
from ABS-CBN to TV5.

24 11 2011

wow. you can’t really question her loyalty. haha thanks for these bits of info.

24 11 2011

from boy (robin and richard) to girl (kiko)

30 11 2011

its a new definition of loyalty..har har har….its a bad move from sharon…

23 11 2011

There were 2 things which put me off my breakfast/petit dejeuner the other morning.
The real or fake photos of arroyo – the poison dwarf – in the newspaper staring back at me, and also seeing the spreading cellulite on karen davila’s legs.
The one should be locked up, the other should cover up.
Bon appetit

24 11 2011

moral lesson for you libertas, do not read the newspaper
while eating…

by the way, i have a standing invitation for you, remember?
a glass of tuba with kinilaw na tangegui…

to refuse an offer is an insult, as the saying goes…

24 11 2011

get your people to speak to my people.
the part of me which is filipino does not include the food!

25 11 2011

whattttt??? so you are half-half???

the more reason why you should try filipino foods,
once tasted, you will crave for more..

23 11 2011
MIDAS, MEGA, MUGSHOTS « The Professional Heckler | Pnoy Talks

[…] See the original post: MIDAS, MEGA, MUGSHOTS « The Professional Heckler […]

23 11 2011

Haha I like how you screencap-ed the Midas photos lol

23 11 2011

…i still vividly remember when Mega emphasized in her discussion with her guests the importance of “loyalty” in the midst of moving avalanche of talents from network to another network.

…money, money, money always sunny in the rich man’s world.

…ain’t it sad?

24 11 2011

we are talking here of billion danny, who can refuse…

23 11 2011

isa syang malaking artista.

24 11 2011

isa siyang malaking kawalan sa ebs

24 11 2011

There goes the Midas touch…

24 11 2011

….tv5 now got sha-lani and sha-lapad… Next for sha-lapad would be from endosing mcdo to jollibee or mang inasal….too fattening….sad..:)

24 11 2011

I call BS on changing EDSA’s name. It’s been called frickin’ called EDSA for more than 50 years, and has been a part of history. As one comment on Twitter said, Ninoy has been named after the worst airpost, and now Cory is about to be named after the worst highway.

24 11 2011

Those who sacrifice integrity or conscience for either power or money can afford a good bed but will not sleep easy

24 11 2011

Welcome to aquino land (formerly philippines) situated in the tarlac sea ( formerly west philippines sea, formerly south china sea)

Ninoy aquino airport (still the worst in the world)
Cory avenue ( formerly democracy way)
Kris aquino tunnel ( the busiest in the world)
Noynoy back passage (to be avoided)
Cojuangco bank (investments and pensions can go up or just disappear)

Bohol – asshol

Narcissism rules

24 11 2011

Loyalty my foot!

24 11 2011

Nagulat lang bading na agad? Hindi ba pwedeng effeminate muna?

24 11 2011

re: the past 10 days

a picture paints a thousand words, si midas, bading?

24 11 2011

Now I know kung bakit sya ganun magsalita…parang meron laging nakasubo…

24 11 2011

There’s nothing wrong with Midas being gay, he’s juicy ang papable. Problemang malaki kung si pnoy…lanta na, tuyot pa!

24 11 2011


25 11 2011


25 11 2011

Midas will soon have an incoming movie…”Private Midas Don’t Touch Pagnagulat “.. Mabuti na lang hindi daga ang ipinagulat sa kanya, or else whom do you think whose arms he would jump to ????

25 11 2011

The nation will have to choose between Prof Heckler’s two favorite women, si Kris and Mega , when in comes to “Loyalty” to the nation.. .

25 11 2011

confirmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!sabi ko na nga ba…everytime na nakikita ko siyang nagsasalita sa tv, may naiiwang katanungan ako ,,,ano ba siya….may midas touch kaya talaga siyang nakakabuhay ng patay??….lol….
yan naman si gloria, sa halip na maawa ako sa hitsura nya, natatawa pa ako,,,ganun na ba talaga ako kasama ? …walang budhi??????or she really deserves it,,,,,????????

27 11 2011

Both! Wala kang budhi at she really deserves it!

28 11 2011
Machong Jokla

Kaya pala ganun ang letter “s” nya pag nagthathalita. Laging may thabit tha dila. Thiguro nga may naka-thubo lagi.

30 11 2011

haha… tell that to globe, simply amazing hahaha

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