19 06 2011

IN COMMEMORATION of Dr. Jose Rizal’s 150th birth anniversary, I’m posting an updated version of a blog article originally published in 2009.

Top 10 Possible Headlines If Dr. Jose Rizal Were Still Alive

No. 10:
Jose Rizal posts new Twitter record;
Pinoy Methuselah overtakes Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber with 13 million followers

No. 9:
Pacquiao pays courtesy call on PH’s super senior statesman;
Rizal hails People’s Champ’s heroics, looks forward to bout vs. Floyd Jr.

No. 8:
10 million-strong Rizalistas confirm bloc voting plans in 2013;
Candidates expected to flock main headquarters of 150-year-old Supreme Leader

No. 7:
Rizal rejects 500-million peso offer to endorse Belo Medical Clinic

No. 6:
Hitler scion claims Rizal is his great, great, great grandfather;
seeks financial support from revered Filipino icon

No. 5:
Senate, House agree to conduct joint hearing on Rizal’s “immortality;”
Gerontologists, arbularyos, Church rep invited as resource persons

No. 4:
Who’s Who in politics, business, arts & culture expected to attend Rizal’s
150th birthday bash; CBCP rejects invitation

No. 3:
Divorce Bill/RH Bill advocates find ally in Jose Rizal;
Catholic Church threatens to excommunicate 150-year-old statesman

No. 2:
After Noli and Fili:
Rizal announces release of two new books on betrayal, abuse of power, and corruption;
“Merci” and “Glori” to hit bookstores Friday

And the No. 1 possible headline if Rizal were alive today…

President Aquino confirms break-up with latest gf;
Rizal gives unsolicited advice to PH leader: “Tigilan mo muna ‘yan. Magtrabaho ka na muna! Ok? Thx, bye!”
“One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again.”
~Dr. Jose P. Rizal (Letter to Mariano Ponce – 1890)

Have a safe and productive week ahead!

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13 responses

19 06 2011

Lovely! :D

19 06 2011
Gaudencio Escobar

not funny…

19 06 2011

very funny nga eh.

19 06 2011

Edwin Lacierda, Is that you? Or are you Ricky Carangdang?

19 06 2011

at binalikan ko rin ang dalawang comments ko doon:

1. I’m sure Rizal will not reject the 500 million (100 million pa noon )
peso offer to endorse Belo Medical Group…
Why? what’s wrong with that?

2. Mr. Heckler, pwede bati?
to all the fathers out there…

Happy Father’s Day

19 06 2011

Happy Father’s Day sir senior60.

22 06 2011

same to you centrino, kana kung may anak ka na….

20 06 2011

have you had any surgical enhancements

22 06 2011

hahaha ano yun?

but seriously, bakit mo naitanong libertas…

19 06 2011

rizal if alive
” cut the philosophical crap, give me the american greenback”

19 06 2011


…JPR moves to Bagac, Bataan to be with the Albertos…

…Bataan governor Teri Onor provides the entertainment…

20 06 2011

natawa ako sa #10. meron kasing twitter account na jose rizal din: http://twitter.com/#!/parengjoserizal

21 06 2011

Other possible headlines:

1) Catholic prelate (Damaso) challenges Rizal to a debate about … masonry.
2) Rizal, Bonifacio National Hero title bout scheduled for August
3) Bonifacio, Rizal to star in the remake of “Magkaribal”

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