20 04 2009

notter Notter Is Free
International Committee of the Red Cross member Andreas Notter is finally free. It just goes to show that good things do happen when the hostage prays, the military pursues, and Richard Gordon shuts the f*ck up.

flash Twin Victories!
Nonito Donaire and Brian Viloria scored convincing victories in their respective bouts Sunday. GMA 7 and Solar Sports aired a super delayed telecast of the event but boxing-obsessed fans still waited to see both fights. To give you an idea how obsessed have we become with boxing… yesterday… at the Senate, Manny Villar and Ping Lacson tried to knock each other out.

villarlacxon Being probed by Sen. Panfilo Lacson’s ethics committee on the alleged C5 road double funding, Sen. Manuel Villar delivered a fiery and emotional privilege speech yesterday. He took a swipe at Lacson’s alleged links to murders; Miguel Zubiri’s alleged cheating in the elections; Jamby Madrigal’s questionable ethics, and Mar Roxas’ “girlfriend na bira nang bira.” Later in the evening, Villar’s staff discovered that the senator inadvertently read the draft of a speech intended for next year’s “miting de avance.”

marko Mar and Korina
Did you hear the news? Sen. Mar Roxas reportedly introduced Korina Sanchez to his relatives on his mother’s side during a recent reunion of the filthy-rich Araneta clan in Bago City, Negros Occidental. It marked the first time in his political career that Roxas formally introduced to close family members… a potential election endorser.

Mar Roxas told the press, “Korina is so much a part of my life and so much a part of my heart, it’s only natural for her to be here also.” Of course, it was just coincidence that all these things are happening months before his biggest political battle.

Something awkward happened when Mar and Korina attended the Aranetas’ reunion in Negros the other day. When Roxas was told that he must introduce Korina to some 1,200 members of the Araneta family, he yelled, “Put*ng inaaa… ang dami naman!”

Something more awkward happened at the Aranetas’ reunion in Negros recently when a research team sent by SWS conducted a survey on the 1,200 family members. When the results were tallied, Mar Roxas placed sixth!

But the most awkward moment actually happened last year when Mar introduced himself to Korina’s relatives. Mar said, “Good evening everyone. From the beautiful city of Bago, Negros Occidental, I am Manuel Roxas II and I believe in the saying ‘If there’s a wheel, there’s a pedicab!’ I thank you!”

persida2 The PAO Chief
Talking about introductions, remember PAO Chief Atty. Persida Rueda-Acosta? When she heard the news that Ted Failon’s wife was shot, she rushed to Ted’s house and said, “Hi I am Attorney Acosta of PAO. I am not making promises but I will try my best to convince the president to grant you a pardon… just in case.”

I am sure you know Atty. Persida Rueda-Acosta of the Public Attorneys Office. She’s the one who fought for the release of Ninoy Aquino’s murderers. She was also photographed with priest killer Roberto Manero when the latter was released a few years back. Reports say Acosta cried when Justice Sec. Raul Gonzales called her “crazy” following her “legal counseling” of Ted Failon. Asked if Gonzales’ allegation was true, Acosta who was then crying, smiled… and then cried again, and then smiled.

rama2 Annabelle, Again
Annabelle Rama reportedly watched Sunday’s “The Flash and the Furious” boxing event. After watching both fights, Rama told the press, “Dong, ridi na ko! Iharap mo sa ‘kin sina Joanne Maglipon at Wilma Galvante dong.”

Breaking News!
It’s official! Annabelle Rama has replaced Kris Aquino as the Filipinos’ favorite pastime.

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”
~Spencer Johnson

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27 responses

21 04 2009

puuut*ng ina ang dami naman! hahaha! i like that line. I also like how Mar Roxas introduced himself. hahaha! really made my day. this habit’s becoming addictive.

21 04 2009

i am bent on supporting Mar – my only reservation is the girl he’s with who has all the markings of a modern-day Imelda (did u see how she threw her weight around just to protect Ted Failon? all journalistic-objectivity pretenses went out of the window. pano na kung presidenta na asawa nya? jeez).

Mar Roxas, get rid of her, and u get my vote.

21 04 2009

mar and korina publicly “rekindle” their love affair every time election nears. how bene-fitting.

21 04 2009

mar and korina, in love? puhleeez!
you’re right though, panalo si annabelle rama as our fave pastime dong!
pero bat wala si lito lapid :-)

21 04 2009

at Dinah – namatay daw po kasi ang mga kabayo sa US at bilang isang Leon Guerrero, wala si Lito Lapid sa post ngayon. :-)

Hey Mr. Heckler, any idea how many votes did his own Araneta clan cast for him to still place a pathetic sixth? lols.

great post as usual. keep on heckling with sense, always.

21 04 2009

korina is korina (super rich and famous already) without mar roxas.
mar roxas is (and will be) mr. palengke (or mr. padyakero) only without her.
his popularity is up because of “hatak” of korina.

korina can make him win, even as president because of her popularity and “pang-masa” appeal. that’s why the publicity now is they are engaged.
that gave them “kilig” factor and on the headlines of entertainment tabloids.

that is a plus-plus to mar and not korina’s.
and that makes the difference.

he should’ve done that long time ago.

21 04 2009

Do you think that 2009 will be a good year for Mar and Korina to get married? Take note that there are other big weddings planned this year – Judee Ann and Ryan Agoncillo, Pinky Webb and Edu Manzano, Sam and Piolo, among others.

Anyways, who do you think will design the wedding gown … of Mar? Nyahaha!

21 04 2009

Syempre baka magpakasal na si Korina kay Mar. Ambisyon nya kasi maging first lady eh. Pero hindi naman mananalo si Mar kahit ilang “cheesy” adverts pa ang ipalabas nya.

I watched Showbiz Central last Sunday and I sooo loved Annabelle Rama’s interview!

21 04 2009
The Lafy in Green Scarf

I believe that both of them will benefit from getting married. Both, Mar and Korina have their own motive that’s why they wanna get married as soon as possible or shall I say they want their affair to be a public issue.

21 04 2009
The Lafy in Green Scarf

Oust Villar! I love Ping…

21 04 2009
The Lafy in Green Scarf

Asked if Gonzales’ allegation was true, Acosta who was then crying, smiled… and then cried again, and then smiled.
–She really is CRAZY! it

21 04 2009
The Lafy in Green Scarf

Sam and Piolo’s wed will be postponed because Sam has new loveteam…Diether…

21 04 2009

When will Mar marry Korina?? Di ba matagal na sila? Anu kayang nangyayari?

21 04 2009
Kevin Ray N. Chua

Lolz at the Mar Roxas quote: “If there’s a wheel, there’s a pedicab!”

21 04 2009

But the most awkward moment actually happened last year when Mar introduced himself to Korina’s relatives. Mar said, “Good evening everyone. From the beautiful city of Bago, Negros Occidental, I am Manuel Roxas II and I believe in the saying ‘If there’s a wheel, there’s a pedicab!’ I thank you!”

- That made me laugh. Pero may kulang Mr. Heckler…. yung ….. “bow!”

21 04 2009

batuhan na ng putik!

21 04 2009

i wonder what’s holding mar’s roxas city down? its been a city for almost 60 years. mabagal pa sa pedicab ang pagunlad. i wonder if the same will happen to the philippines if he won.

21 04 2009

Gonzalez is really irritated at Acosta for insisting that she should be independent from the justice department.

In today’s press conference, he said that Acosta can claim her own independent republic…hahahahaha! kalokah!

He even said, and I qoute “If she runs for Senate, I can guarantee her 300,000 votes from Iloilo!”

Kasi naman Acosta your mandate is clearly to defend pauper litigants.

What are you doing? Media Mileage?

21 04 2009

Sabi ni SiRaulo Goonzales kay PAO Chief Atty. Persida Rueda-Acosta, “she’s crazy!”

Sabi naman ng kumpare ko, kung kayo si SiRaulo Goonzales dapat bang i-hold departure order kagad ang isang taong tumatakbo pa sa ospital para isalba ang asawa?

Ngayon, sino sa dalawa ang sira ulo!!! yon lang!!!

21 04 2009

Asked if Gonzales’ allegation was true, Acosta who was then crying, smiled… and then cried again, and then smiled.

Isa siyang illusyunada. If only people knew her real personality, they will be shocked at how pathetic she really is. Do not be deceived by her niceness, she is only like that in front of the camera. crying, smiling, crying smiling when the cameras are on her.

22 04 2009

ah, i’m in love with ping lacson.

22 04 2009

i hope mr. heckler already saw the tv ad of mayor binay.
the (premature) election campaign period has begun.

22 04 2009
The Lady in Green Scarf

black advertisement of binay..hahaha

22 04 2009

i hope Binay doesnt flog the Obama line sa adverts and campaign strategy nya. Baka masuka ako heheheh.

22 04 2009

You should make an entry about this.. Nakakatawa! Loren-Edong News.

23 04 2009

dahil kay annabelle rama, ang pangit na ng career ni jc de vera. hayyyyy

23 04 2009

on Mar and Korina: I can still remember one ep of the now defunct Morning Girls, Kris wanted Mar and Korina to hook up though she could’ve picked Noynoy for Korina pero magkagalit silang magkapatid that time. Hay naku! Showbiz and politics are both nakakalokah!

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