2 01 2009

DOH Campaign
Health Secretary Francisco Duque III attributed the lower firecracker-injury statistics this year to the DOH’s “scare tactics.” In fact, a post-New Year celebration survey revealed that Filipinos were horrified to see those DOH posters showing wounded faces, severed fingers, mutilated hands… and Duque’s election-inspired poses.

For the past two months, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has been very busy with the “Iwas Paputok” campaign. A year from now, he’ll be a lot busier with his Senate seat campaign.

Manny’s New Baby
Manny Pacquiao has a new baby. He named her Queen Elizabeth. His wife Jinkee was so thankful they had a girl… because if it happened to be a boy, Manny would have reportedly named it… King Kong.

Manny’s New Baby II
Manny Pacquiao has a new baby. That’s his second baby in two years. He’s got four kids now but plans to have more. That’s another reason why he’s called the “pound for pound king.”

Postscript to a Golf Course Clash
Saturday, January 3: A Philippine Daily Inquirer headline reads: “Pangandamans ask bloggers to stop attacks” NOW THEY know how their 14-year-old victim felt when they were attacking him.

Secretary Pangandaman appealed to bloggers to stop accusing them on the Web and warned them against karma. Pangandaman added, “I hope this doesn’t happen to you,” to which the Professional Heckler said, “Of course it won’t! I play bowling, not golf!”

Top 5 Movie Remakes Starring Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman; Masiu, Lanao Del Sur Mayor Nasser Jr., and their Bodyguards

5: The Lord of the Greens

4: The Golffather

3: You’ve Got Mauled!

2: The Year of Golfing Dangerously

And the No. 1 movie remake starring Agrarian Reform Secretary Nasser Pangandaman; Masiu, Lanao Del Sur Mayor Nasser Pangandaman Jr., and their bodyguards…

1. You Don’t Mess With the Pangandamans

My ever-reliable sources say doctors Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho have kissed and made up. Hayden has reportedly realized that two moms are better than one, while Vicki… hmmm, let’s just say, she can afford him! Let’s leave it at that.
Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.
~Author Unknown

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15 responses

2 01 2009

His wife Jinkee was so thankful they had a girl… because if it happened to be a boy, Manny would have reportedly named it… King Kong.

-This made my day!!!

3 01 2009

two moms!!!!!!!

and he’s doing the 2nd!!!!!

3 01 2009

..and Duque’s election-inspired poses.

And that’s what i thought so, too. Lol.

she can afford him..

Hahahahaha! Wala na raw akong ibang masabi pa. *grins*

3 01 2009

‘king kong’ made me laugh! :D

3 01 2009

the word “karma” sure is strange coming from Mr. Pangandaman

4 01 2009

Queen Elizabeth? Gah. I wonder why Jinkee allows Manny to give name to their kids. The other one sounds awful too.:))

4 01 2009

Pangandaman’s afraid and appeals to bloggers.
Wee… may their tribe decrease. And just play golf in Mindanao where they can scare the hell of people there. Nakakahiya sila. Kasiraan sila sa government and their kababayans in Mindanao.

4 01 2009

@thekimd – I could not imagine the childhood Manny’s daughter will undergo.

I think our courts allow people to change their names/surnames whenever it becomes a nuisance to ones personality.

5 01 2009

LOL. look at Jinky’s face. Too much pressure from Manny naming their kid “QE” made her look like Linda Blair.

5 01 2009
karinyo brutal

the nerve for this politician to say KARMA. i just absolutely hate these people who are so corrupt and treat others unjustly. bakit sila nandito sa luzon? let them play in mindanao with the abu sayaffs!

6 01 2009

nah… karma is nothing to such politicians
if they actually believe in it — dapat sila ang kabahan sa paparating sa kanila

6 01 2009

ang OA naman nung 2 commenters referring to Mindanao. Sabihin nyo na lang Lanao (del Sur ba?) where the Pangandamans came from. FYI po, malaki ang Mindanao at hindi naman kami basta basta natatakot. Konting preno po sa comment or leave the heckling to the professional. At kung makikipag-golf po sa Abu Sayaf, ‘do’n lang po sila sa Basilan and/or Jolo, they don’t rampage around Mindanao as you are imagining. Although part yan ng Mindanao, masakit lang po minsan se tenga yong masyadong puro “Mindanao, magulo, marahas, etc. etc.” Malaki po ang Mindanao and these provinces are just a small portion of Mindanao. It’s like saying matraffic, mabantot sa Luzon, when you may only pertain to Manila.

6 01 2009

Hey Karinyo Brutal — lmao! Or they can go to Gaza and play gold with Hamas. I agree with you tho’ that I wonder why these “fungus faced” politicians come to Manila or Luzon when there is an “abundance” of “space” in Mindanao where I am positive that uh.. the environment is smog free… why can’t they STAY there instead of molesting the middle class in the “mabantot” places (like err… golf courses) in Metro Manila?

7 01 2009

wahahaha, bugsey, you sound very well-travelled!

7 01 2009

Oh yeah, last time I was zonked in NYC (THE 21) yah know.. and I had to steal some bloke’s credit card to pay for the lousy Bouibaise! Gee I was so zonked like those Alabang “boys” (?) I almost considered mugging the bag lady at Central Park!

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