8 03 2013

ANOTHER DOSE of totally baseless information and factoids or or about political figures, government officials, and other prominent individuals and organizations in the Philippines.

131: Since the launch of her TV ad, Mary Grace Poe has uttered the word “Poe” 2,728 times.

132: In high school, Nancy Binay was voted “Most Likely to Win a National Election Even Without A Track Record.”

133: Cynthia Villar and Florence Nightingale were frenemies in their past life.

134: According to a study, men speak an average of 7,000 words per day. Richard Gordon speaks 14,000.

135: The first thing that Pope Benedict XVI did after resigning was to learn the ‘Harlem Shake.’

136: Five percent of survey respondents said they would vote for Alan Peter Cayetano because of Gerald Anderson who played the role of the reelectionist senator in ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya.’

137: The Office of the Vice President has a pet dog named Jejemon – Jejemon Binay.

138: If she wins in May, Jamby Madrigal will donate 50 units of iPad to Comelec.

139: Ninety-seven percent of party-list group nominees are millionaires. The rest are getting there.

140: Reelectionist Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim drafted his concession speech as early as January.

141: The number of complaints against Globe and Smart is more than twice the number of complaints received by all government offices and agencies combined.

142: Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s wife Sharon is still very active on Twitter. She tweets using a parody account.

143: An MMDA report identified Quezon City as the “deadliest city for pedestrians” in 2012. Another study named it as the city with “the most number of epaliticians who are proud of it.”

144: Congressional aspirant Annabelle Rama has not fought with anyone publicly for almost four months now – an all-time, personal record.

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145: Risa Hontiveros is a huge LA Lakers fan.

146: There are more Filipinos in Sabah than in Sulu.

147: Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista are just good friends.

148: A music lover since birth, former Senate President Ernesto Maceda has never missed a single episode of ‘Glee.’ He’s starting to get hooked on ‘Pretty Little Liars’ too.

149: Isko Moreno once bagged the 250,000-peso grand prize in a Bingo game.

150: Jack Enrile believes he’d lose the elections if his last name wasn’t Enrile.

151: When the RH Law was passed, the Diocese of Bacolod banned gays and lesbians from attending Sunday masses.

152: President Aquino’s ringback tone is ‘Pusong Bato.’

153: Congressional candidate Aga Muhlach thought Bicol was a province.

154: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo left the country for the United States via Cebu last Sunday.

155: Tingting Cojuangco’s face is younger than her body.

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“Every election is determined by the people who show up.”
~Larry J. Sabato, Pendulum Swing

Sound Bites
“It’s so good to hear. People were clapping. It’s music to the ear.”
~Vice President Binay’s reaction when he was introduced as “the next president” during an UNA campaign sortie

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[Photos: Risa Hontiveros FB Page; MMK]


13 10 2012

HERE’S PART 4 of our list of baseless and unfounded bits of information on or about political figures, government officials, and organizations in the Philippines.

106: From kindergarten to college, Ralph Recto was a scholar of Philip Morris Philippines Incorporated.

107: Tito Sotto is allergic to latex condoms.

108: Jejomar Binay has not lost an election since he first ran as president of his class in Grade III.

109: Editors and writers of UST’s The Varsitarian were each given a certificate of commendation by the UST administration for their recent editorial against the RH Bill, and the pro-RH bill professors of Ateneo and La Salle.

110: There are more Akbayan members than Liberals in the Aquino administration.

111. Alfredo Lim is more popular on Twitter than in Manila.

112: Edgardo Angara, the main author of the TRO’d Cybercrime Prevention Act doesn’t know the meaning of ‘e’ in e-mail and the ‘com’ in dot com.

113: Aside from target shooting, President Aquino is also good at 1-2-3 Pass!

114: Anignat Tpurroc, a Guatemalan-based psychic of Mayan descent predicts the Freedom of Information bill will be finally passed by Philippine Congress in 2061.

115: The blockbuster film ‘The Mistress’ was loosely based on the personal experience of an incumbent senator.

116: According to his high school yearbook, Jack Enrile was voted “Most Likely to Win an Election Because of His Last Name.”

117: Ernesto Maceda is the person behind a hugely popular parody account on Twitter.

118: Nightly lotto draws are not conducted LIVE. All draws are pretaped. Winning numbers are pre-drawn. Winners are pre-determined.

119: Congressional candidate Annabelle Rama could write in Cebuano with one hand, and invectives with the other hand at the same time.

120: (By choice) Korina Sanchez has not set foot in Makati City since the vice presidential defeat of Mar Roxas in 2010.

121: Junjun Binay was rejected by German Moreno when he auditioned for the defunct youth-oriented show ‘That’s Entertainment.’

122: Jovito Salonga and Juan Ponce Enrile still communicate with each other using Baybayin (Alibata).

123: PLDT/Smart big boss Manny V. Pangilinan is also a Globe postpaid subscriber. His subscriber name is Jude Edmund A. Demayo, and his cell number is 0916-7538-MVP.

124: A confidential survey on the party-list system in the Philippines showed party-list groups joined the elections due to these reasons: pork barrel (85%); power and influence (5%); fame (2%), and “Secret! Walang clue!” (8%).

125: Miriam Defensor-Santiago was present when Heart Evangelista said ‘Yes’ to Chiz Escudero.

126: As of Friday, official records show Richard Gomez’ huge image appears on at least 156 billboards in Lucy Torres’ congressional district in Leyte.

127: Vice gubernatorial hopeful Jinkee Pacquiao can neither spell nor pronounce ‘vice gubernatorial.’

128: Mikey Arroyo was Jeremy Renner’s stunt double in ‘The Bourne Legacy.’

129: At least 12 councilors in Quezon City have Herbert Bautista’s initials (HB) tattooed just below their navels.

130: A sealion is featured on the Seal of the President of the Philippines while a Philippine crocodile is featured on the seal of the House of Representatives.

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“The brain may die, but my compulsion for useless trivia lives on.”
― Molly Harper, Nice Girls Don’t Have Fangs

Quote of the Day
“It’s not about passing a sin tax law. It is about passing a sin tax measure at the effective and proper rates. Otherwise, we’re just fooling each other.”
~Former senator Juan Flavier on Ralph Recto’s version of the Sin Tax bill

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8 07 2012

HERE’S ANOTHER dose of captivating and baseless information on or about local political figures and other famous Filipinos.

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81: President Aquino didn’t miss a single episode of the recently concluded PBB Teen Edition 4.

82: Nine years after the failed Oakwood Mutiny, Antonio Trillanes IV is still banned from getting near Glorietta and Greenbelt.

83: Five different people are assigned to update President Aquino’s Twitter account regularly.

84: Renato Corona left for Portugal three hours after he was convicted by the Senate. He is now living in Lisbon with his wife Cristina.

85: Richard Gordon has an artificial tongue.

86: When Noynoy Aquino graduated from college in 1981, his parents rewarded him with an Atari 2600 video game console.

87: In the late ‘40s, Juan Ponce Enrile knocked up a classmate at Ateneo De Manila University. The baby who was put up for adoption would later become a military officer and lawmaker. His name: Gringo Honasan.

88: In 2011, private Catholic schools in the Philippines earned thrice more than Jollibee and McDonald’s combined.

89: The real Ramon Revilla Jr. is Strike Revilla. Bong borrowed the name from Strike when he joined show business.

90: Bro. Mike Velarde is an atheist. Preaching is just a job.

91: The T in Antonio T. Carpio’s name stands for Takei. He was born to a Filipino father and a Japanese mother. His brother Arnulfo, who was raised by their Japanese grandmother in the US is now a Hollywood actor, George Takei.

92: Ninety-five percent of party-list groups contribute to 30 percent of corruption in the Lower House.

93: Jinggoy Estrada and JV Ejercito have not spoken for nearly 23 years.

94: Ronnie Nathanielsz once advised then President Marcos to declare cricket as the country’s national sport.

95: The recent SWS survey that showed fewer Filipinos experienced hunger was in fact an old study conducted during last year’s Noche Buena.

96: A botched cosmetic procedure left Erin Tañada with a fixed smile on his face.

97: John Osmeña was a basketball locker room in his past life.

98: MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino is set to release a memorandum circular that requires all non-Catholic PUV drivers to convert to Roman Catholicism.

99: Lucy Torres-Gomez has a rare form of albinism.

100: The four single senators – Koko Pimentel, Chiz Escudero, Pia Cayetano and Loren Legarda are all membes of the Church of Scientology.

101: Shortly after his inauguration, President Aquino signed a Presidential Decree declaring yellow as the national color.

102: The latest TV ad of the Deparment of Tourism’s “It’s more fun in the Philippines” campaign will feature Dora the Explorer.

103: Until Korina Sanchez’ marriage to Mar Roxas, she and Ted Failon fondly call each other ‘bes.’

104: Noynoy Aquino’s official barber lost his job five years ago.

105: Mikey Arroyo was a member of Star Circle Batch 1.
“I look at it this way. I’m not an eavesdropper; I have an attention surplus disorder.”
~Robert Brault

Quotes Quiz. Who said:
“… still upset about ray allen leaving the celtics :(
A: Cong. Sonny Angara
B: Sen. Kiko Pangilinan
C: Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abi Valte
D: Atty. Karen Jimeno

Photo of the Week
The President spends some quality time with his niece and nephews
(Courtesy of Malacañang)

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Answer to Quotes Quiz: A


3 06 2012

More Baseless Facts About the Government and Political Figures

In case you missed the first 50, click here.

No. 51: Miriam Defensor-Santiago started speaking at 2 months and 2 days. Her first words were ‘colloquy’ and ‘basal ganglia.’

No. 52: Jejomar Binay is the only known survivor of spontaneous human combustion in the Philippines.

No. 53: Jinggoy Estrada’s name is a portmanteau of ‘Jingle,’ Joseph Estrada’s favorite songbook magazine, and “unggoy,” his favorite animal.

No. 54: Manuel V. Pangilinan was a three-time member of the Mythical 5 Selection when he was playing as a shooting guard for the San Beda Red Cubs.

No. 55: Leila De Lima admitted she’s had only two boyfriends in her entire life, her ex-husband and her current lover.

No. 56: When Noynoy Aquino “promised” in 2010 that he would sign a waiver on his bank accounts if elected president, he was misquoted.

No. 57: Ninety-six percent of the members of both Houses of Congress have dollar accounts. They did not declare them in their SALNs.

No. 58: Lito Atienza was born in Hawaii.

No. 59: The Book of Revelations was edited by Amando Doronila.

No. 60: In exchange for their belated withdrawal of support for Renato Corona, the Iglesia ni Cristo gets to choose the next Chief Justice.

No. 61: Juan Miguel Zubiri was a founding member of the UP Pep Squad.

No. 62: Presidential speechwriter Mai “Walang pogi dito & the wine sucks” Mislang married a Vietnamese last month.

No. 63: Five percent of Filipino Catholic priests are gay; 10 percent have kids. The rest are liars.

No. 64: The name K+12 referring not to an assault rilfe but to DepEd’s basic education program was the brainchild of gun enthusiast and political adviser Ronald Llamas.

No. 65: Future Cebu representative Annabelle Rama was a deaf-mute in her past life.

No. 66: Marketing and PR executives representing Chevron, Pilipinas Shell and Petron secretly meet twice every month for ‘synergy.’

No. 67: Tito Sotto is Ciara Sotto’s first pole dancing instructor. The comedian/lawmaker holds pole dancing classes when the Senate is in recess.

No. 68: CPP-NPA Founder Jose Maria Sison was born in Shenzen, China in 1939. His Chinese father, Hu Shang Ling and half-Vietnamese mother Tuc Ni Neng immigrated to the Philippines when he was two.

No. 69: Fugitive ex-congressman Ruben Ecleo has a parasitic twin.

No. 70: As per hospital records, Joker Arroyo didn’t cry right after birth. He giggled. Hence, the name.

No. 71: Ninoy Aquino’s first girlfriend was Imelda Marcos.

No. 72: Fresh from UP, Francis Pangilinan’s first television stint was on the award-winning children’s show ‘Batibot.’ He was the voice of Kiko Matsing for five years.

No. 73: Ramon Revilla Sr’s youngest child is two years old.

No. 74: The Araneta-Roxas family has barred Jejomar Binay from attending events at the Big Dome.

No. 75: Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz lost his innocence in Grade 5.

No. 76: Sharon Cuneta’s biological mother is not Elaine Gamboa-Cuneta but a retired fish vendor in Libertad Public Market in Pasay City.

No. 77: Bro. Mike Velarde and German Moreno have the same stylist and wardrobe consultant.

No. 78: Shalani Soledad was born on the exact day and hour Roman Romulo was defending his undergraduate thesis.

No. 79: TG Guingona’s ears are insured for one million pesos.

No. 80: At least one Tulfo is gay.
“An epigram is a flashlight of a truth; a witticism, truth laughing at itself.”
~ Minna Antrim

Quote of the Weak
“Doon siya magaling, doon siya magiging masaya. Sa loob-loob ko, baka pupuwede dahil si Jinggoy tataas sa ibang posisyon, so baka kailangan ng isang… kumbaga, isang lighter ambience o icebreaker, so baka puwedeng ibigay kay (Mommy) Alma.”
~Mark Anthony Fernandez on reports his mother, Alma Moreno is running for senator next year

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