4 04 2014

IT’S ALMOST Holy Week. What have you given up for Lent? Smoking? Meat? Partying? That’s nothing compared to what Tanda, Pogi and Sexy are about to give up: freedom.

For the first time in history, (three) senators have been indicted for plunder which is punishable by reclusion perpetua or life. And Senator Enrile was like, “Too late for that!”

Last Tuesday, the Office of the Ombudsman announced that it found probable cause to file plunder and graft charges against three senators, Janet Lim-Napoles, and their cohorts. According to the Ombudsman, Senator Enrile allegedly plundered P172 million; Jinggoy, P183 million, and Revilla, P242 million. To be fair to Bong, he’s a consistent topgrosser.

3Holy Land
Bong Revilla left for Jerusalem last week to pray. Last Tuesday, God gave an answer: No.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that Bong Revilla met with Ping Lacson last year and asked how the once-fugitive ex-senator evaded arrest during the Arroyo administration. As expected, Revilla denied the report. Besides, if he wanted to evade arrest, he wouldn’t consult Lacson. He’ll consult his sister, Ramona Bautista (Revilla).

Interviewed on dzMM, Bong Revilla insisted, “Wala akong kasalanan. Sa mga gumagawa nito sa akin, bahala na si Lord sa inyo.” In response, the Lord said, “Thou shall not namedrop.”

1napHospital Arrest-ish
Suspected pork barrel queen Janet Lim-Napoles is now confined at the Ospital ng Makati. The period of confinement as approved by the judge covers “pre-operative, intra-operative, and post operative procedures.” In layman’s terms, “para-paraan.”

While confined at the Ospital ng Makati or OsMak, Napoles will be treated by at least six doctors plus an anaesthesiologist from the posh St. Luke’s Medical Center. The doctors will be transported to OsMak by shuttle service marked, ‘This is where your taxes go.’

On Thursday, April 3, the Manila RTC issued a freeze order on Janet Lim-Napoles’s and her family’s assets including real properties and bank accounts. In other news, doctors from St. Luke’s Medical Center have denied reports they’ll be treating Napoles.

Last Monday, President Aquino slammed the cop who arrested fugitive land developer Delfin Lee for talking to the media about his recent sacking and reassignment. President Aquino described Senior Supt. Conrad Capa’s behavior as a “disservice” to the PNP. Delfin Lee described President Aquino as his idol.

Kris and Herbert
Presidential sister Kris Aquino and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista are reportedly “dating.” The date is ‘2016.’

Columnist Ramon Tulfo says only Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte can BEAT Vice President Jejomar Binay. He forgot Cedric Lee and friends.

1capAnne Curtis… Take 2!
It happened after midnight Tuesday at the birthday party of Vice Ganda. Reports say a drunk Anne Curtis shouted at young actor Sam Concepcion, “Why are you here? Who invited you? You are not classy enough to be here!” Sought for reaction, Concepcion said he’s still lucky Curtis didn’t threaten to buy him.

Moral of the story. Don’t drink and Anne.

ABS-CBN News reported that Anne Curtis got stung by a jellyfish Wednesday night. An investigation revealed that the jellyfish was a huge fan of Sam Concepcion.

A day after it was reported that a drunk Anne Curtis humiliated Sam Concepcion in a party, the Dyesebel star was stung by a jellyfish. ABS-CBN posted photos of Anne in a hospital bed. This morning, the jellyfish issued a statement denying participation in damage control.

Anne Curtis was reportedly stung by a jellyfish. The TV host/actress is now ok but the jellyfish has died of alcohol poisoning.
“The law of karma is the principle of cosmic justice that holds that all good actions will be rewarded and that all wicked actions will be punished. Sometime. Somehow. Somewhere.”
~Chanju Mun, Buddhism and Peace

Sound Bites
“The Filipino taxpayers deserve a break from the hubris and arrogance of many lawmakers and other executive officials who thought all along that callousness as a way of life will remain unchecked as long they are in a position of power.”
~Former Senator Panfilo Lacson

“You can’t set an example if you will baby your colleagues. It should be heavy because they did not explain the use of those huge funds reaching ghost beneficiaries. How can they explain they did not guard this?”
~ Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano

Poll Results
Ano ang reaksyon mo sa balitang sina Kris Aquino at Herbert Bautista na raw?

I DON’T CARE! 53.67%
Nangangamoy 2016 ang tema ng pag-ibig na ‘yan. 25.87%
Ok lang. Kung saan sila masaya, bahala sila. 10.42%
Bakit si Herbert? Sana iba na lang. 10.04%

Jail to the thief!

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30 01 2014

THE PHILIPPINE NATIONAL POLICE sacked two high-ranking officials of the Laguna-PNP and 10 other police officers after it was revealed that jail officials in a detention facility in Biñan subjected detainees to a roulette game called ‘Wheel of Torture.’ The multicolored roulette wheel has several torture selections. Detainees are either punched a la-Manny Pacquiao, hit with a paddle, or forced to repeatedly watch Bong Revilla’s privilege speech.

Authorities have started investigating the reported torture chamber in a detention facility in Laguna. They wanted to find out if the ‘Wheel of Torture’ was allowed by high-ranking officials; if it has been going on for a while, or if it can be used to discipline members of the Senate or the Lower House.

Bong Again
Reports say Bong Revilla will deliver another privilege speech soon. That’s not surprising though. When an actor fails in his first attempt, a “Take 2” is necessary.

Bong Revilla will reportedly deliver another privilege speech. Either he didn’t read the reactions to his first speech or he’s become a masochist.

The Ombudsman dismissed Bong Revilla’s plunder case against pork barrel scam whistle-blowers. He’s now thinking of a “Boy [Something]‘ to call the Ombudsman.

The Ombudsman junked the plunder case filed by Bong Revilla against PDAF scam whistle-blowers. I don’t think he could blame that this time on Mar, Noy or Benhur Luy.

President Aquino has approved the abolition of three government bodies linked to the pork barrel scam. That’s the good news. The bad news is none of them are the Senate.

US President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union Address Wednesday morning (Manila time). CNN said Obama had some feisty proclamations. To be more convincing and sympathetic, he brought with him his wheel-chair bound father, Don Ramon Obama.

vhongVhong vs. Cedric
The CCTV footage in connection with the Vhong Navarrro mauling case has been released. According to the NBI, the condominium’s CCTV footage disproved Deniece Cornejo’s rape allegations against the TV host. The CCTV will probably help his case against Cedric Lee and company. Observers say Vhong is still lucky to be alive and even luckier that the mauling didn’t happen at NAIA Terminal 3.

All’s well between DILG Sec. Mar Roxas and Tacloban City Mayor Alfred Romualdez. They had a chance to talk during last week’s Senate hearing. Romualdez told reporters, “We were together in Congress. We’ve always been friends.” And typhoon Yolanda was like, “So fault ko na naman? Gano’n?”

shoesShoe Thief
In Tokyo, a 28-year-old man was arrested for stealing 448 pairs of high-heeled shoes. Again, that’s 448 pairs of shoes! Or as Imelda Marcos would say, ‘’Yon lang?!?

A Japanese man was nabbed for stealing some 448 pairs of shoes. Police identified the 28-year-old suspect as Sho Sato. No wonder.

A 28-year-old Japanese man was arrested for allegedly stealing 448 pairs of high-heeled shoes. When interrogated, the suspect said he “enjoyed stealing.” To which Filipino lawmakers said, “We can relate.”
“Man is the cruelest animal.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche

Sound Bites
“Hindi po ako uuwi na hindi nagbibigay honor hindi lang sa pamilya ko kundi sa buong Pilipinas.”
~Deniece Cornejo via GMA News

Ano raw?

Headline of the Weak
So kailangang headline talaga ang mga ari nila?


Briefly Noted
Cedric Lee, Deniece Cornejo, and Maguindanao massacre suspect Zaldy Ampatuan have the same lawyer: Howard Calleja.

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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23 01 2014

FILIPINOS are still talking about Sen. Bong Revilla’s privilege speech last Monday. As expected, the public is divided on the issue: 50 percent sided with pork scam whistleblowers while 50 percent hated Bong Revilla.

To Senator Revilla’s credit, dozens actually believed everything that he said. All of them were Ramon Revilla Sr.’s children.

After the speech, wheelchair-bound Ramon Revilla Sr. faced the media to defend his son, Bong. To which, Nanay Curing Villar said, “Walang originality! Hmpf!”

In his privilege speech last Monday, Bong Revilla vehemently denied the accusations being leveled against him. And he felt really strange – mainly because in the past, when his wife would accuse him of something, he’d usually admit to it and apologize.

An enraged Bong Revilla said, “I have nothing to do with this scam, those whistleblowers, nor Janet Lim-Napoles. I have no dealings or transactions with them.” When God heard this, he slapped an angel.

The actor turned senator ended his speech saying, “I am not afraid. I have already surrendered my fate to the Lord.” His wife Lani Mercado was also quoted to have said, “We lift it all to the Lord.” Sought for reaction, the Lord said, “Kung maka-namedrop naman kayo! Tse!”

Bong Revilla coined the term ‘Boy Pick-up’ to describe Mar Roxas. But the DILG chief said Thursday, “Wala akong hard feelings sa kanya.” And Korina Sanchez was like, “I can relate.”

Before ‘Boy Pick-up,’ there was ‘Boy Bawang.’

Bong Revilla has filed plunder charges against pork barrel scam whistleblowers – proving once again that veteran action stars can be great comedians.

Hammer Time
CNN reported that five thieves armed with hammers robbed a jewelry store in Memphis, Tennessee. Shoppers were shocked when they learned that at least 65 Rolex watches were stolen, and were even more shocked when President Aquino and Mar Roxas showed up at the crime scene.

Pope Francis says the Internet is a gift from God. A slow Internet connection however is a work of the devil.

gmaImelda and Gloria
Former First Lady Imelda Marcos visited former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center. According to Imelda, the government’s treatment of GMA “is so cruel… so unjust. It is not human.” When Manila Film Center ghosts heard this, they died (again).

According to the Ilocos Norte representative, the government is unjust and cruel to GMA. Imelda Marcos championing against injustice will be like Tito Sotto standing up against plagiarism.

According to ABS-CBN News, Robin Padilla’s wife, Mariel Rodriguez is now on her 11th day of a 16-day juice diet. The nutritionist’s advice to Mariel? Strictly no meat, no rice, and no partying at Privé.
“No guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it.”
~ Stefan Zweig, Beware of Pity

Sound Bites
“The internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity. This is something truly good, a gift from God.”
~Pope Francis

“That he did not do so while the impeachment court was in session makes him an accessory to the conspiracy he now complains about. That he is doing so now, after plunder charges have been filed against him, makes him sound like a gossipmonger who tries to project an air of innocence by smearing everyone else around him. No reasonable person can seriously assign any value to his speech.”
~Prof. Randy David, Kap’s Amazing Stories [Read full article here.]

O, loko!

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20 01 2014

101 Reasons Why Filipinos Should Sympathize With and Believe in the Innocence
of Sen. Bong Revilla on the Pork Barrel Scam



“It’s exhausting, the energy it takes to unknow a truth.”
~Chuck Palahniuk, Doomed


10 01 2014

ARCTIC-LIKE conditions enveloped parts of the United States and Canada. Experts say some 187 million people are feeling the effects of the extreme cold weather. In the Philippines, Senator Enrile felt nostalgic. He had a similar experience during the Ice Age.

Due to the extreme weather condition, parts of the famed Niagara Falls have become frozen. Manny Pacquiao can relate.

Because of the so-called polar vortex, the US side of the Niagara Falls has become frozen. It ain’t moving. It’s like Edsa but everyday.

Across North America, millions of people experience record-breaking low temperatures. Out there, it’s freezing like hell! I mean, it’s freezing.

Black Nazarene
On the feast day of the Black Nazarene, journalist Raissa Robles wrote a piece on the reportedly miraculous statue and suspected pork barrel scam mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles. Robles said the statue was “regularly and personally brought” to the Napoles mansion “by its priest-custodian, Monsignor Josefino Ramirez.” Apparently, Benhur Luy was not the first victim of ‘kidnapping.’

The annual procession of the Black Nazarene is held in Manila. There are several ways to get near the sculpture. You can push, you can shove. Or you can donate millions of pesos in stolen public funds.

janet 1Jinggoy
Accused last year of pocketing millions of pesos in pork barrel funds, Jinggoy Estrada is in the news again. Sen. Antonio Trillanes has slammed Jinggoy for realigning 100 million pesos of his ‘pork’ to the City of Manila where his father is the incumbent mayor. But Jinggoy insists he sees nothing wrong with that. In totally unrelated news, Cord Marine Epoxy is reportedly eyeing Jinggoy as endorser. You know, ‘Sintigas ng bakal, sintibay ng bato, sintatag ng isang blokeng semento.’

Jinggoy Estrada defended his decision to allot 100 million pesos of pork barrel funds to the City of Manila. The actor turned politician said, “That was my own initiative.” He added, “Hindi nga alam ng tatay ko ‘yan eh.” Among many other things.

On Friday, January 10, in front his friends in the entertainment press, Bong Revilla said, “Sinurrender ko na sa Lord ang lahat.” Sought for reaction, the Lord said, “I have no freakin’ idea what he’s freakin’ talking about.”

Of his pork-related woes, Bong Revilla told the entertainment press, “Sinurrender ko na sa Lord ang lahat.” And Lani Mercado was like, “Alam n’yo na kung na kanino! Kaya huwag lang manghihingi sa amin ang mga tao! Eh anong ibibigay namin?”

After being tagged in the multibillion-peso pork barrel scam, Bong Revilla announced he’ll deliver a privilege speech soon. I sincerely appreciate the senator’s concern for his countrymen. After the massive destruction caused by the Bohol quake and super typhoon Yolanda, Filipinos badly need something to laugh about.

According to a US-based financial media company, NAIA is the world’s 8th worst airport. Which raises the question, “Is this even news?” [Tell us something we don't know.]

Not Interested
Batangas Governor Vilma Santos told ANC she’s not dreaming of the presidency. To which the ‘presidency’ replied, “Thanks!”

Peek of the Week
This devotee puts the ‘ass’ in passion. Mabuhay ka!

“Without shame, without conscience.”
― Chris Galford, At Faith’s End

Sound Bites
“Alam na nga n’yang under fire s’ya, gano’n pa ang pagka-allocate n’ya. Pakapalan na lang ito.”
~Sen. Antonio Trillanes on Jinggoy Estrada

“So? So what? Is there anything wrong?”
~Jinggoy Estrada on realigning P100M of pork barrel funds to Manila

“Sinurrender ko na sa Lord ang lahat. The truth will set us free. Lugmok kami pero babangon ako!”
~ Bong Revilla

“For instance, we are now unashamed to steal when we are supposed to be ashamed of it. Ang pagnanakaw hindi na ikinahihiya ngayon. ‘Yon ang dapat ikahiya!”
~Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle in his homily, Feast of the Black Nazarene

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11 10 2013

AROUND 5PM last Wednesday, a backpack was thrown at a bus from a footbridge at the corner of Edsa and F.B. Harrison Street in Pasay City. Police thought it had a bomb in it but there only was trash. The Pasay City police chief said, “Our dog sat near the bag four times, a sign that an improvised explosive device could be inside.” It’s also a sign that you need a new dog.

The Pasay City Police chief said, “Our dog sat near the bag four times.” They thought there was a bomb. Jiggy Manicad thought there was just “tae.”

A false bomb alert stalled traffic on Edsa and other streets Wednesday night. Heavy traffic lasted almost five hours. With no other choice but to wait ‘til it’s over, motorists just sat there – DOING absolutely NOTHING. Now they know how it feels like to be an SK official.

Because of a backpack, Edsa was virtually shut down Wednesday night. Motorists say it was like the US government shutdown – but worse.

There was a monstrous traffic jam in the metro last Wednesday. Edsa wasn’t moving. And Jinky Pacquiao’s face was like, “I know the feeling.”

On Thursday, US embassy officials warned their citizens against traveling to Southern Mindanao. If the US government really cares about Americans, it should also warn them against traveling on Edsa.

Have you been listening to former Vice President Noli De Castro on radio? I salute the man for being outspoken against corruption in government. But he was nine years late.

Former Vice President Noli De Castro must be commended for speaking against PDAF abuses on radio. It takes guts and courage to be hypocritical almost every morning.

Initial reports say controversial LTO chief Virginia Torres (who was caught on video inside a casino) was fired. But Torres insisted she actually retired. Fired or retired, I just wanted to say, so long Virginia, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

According to an SWS survey, jobless Filipinos are up by 100,000. Make that 100,001 including Virginia Torres.

It’s less than 75 days before Christmas. It’s the season of bonuses again. I wish I were an SSS board member!

Lawmakers wanted to investigate SSS board members for receiving huge bonuses. Hey pot, I’m kettle. You’re black.

Interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Technology Resource Center Director Dennis Cunanan confirmed that signatures of Bong Revilla [who endorsed dubious NGOs formed by Janet Napoles] were genuine. When Revilla read the news, he vowed to hire a polygraph expert to verify if Cunanan was telling the truth.

Miss World
The House of Representatives will award Miss World 2013 Megan Young with a congressional citation next week. Congressmen praised Megan “for inspiring and bringing pride to Filipinos.” To which Megan replied, “I hope you do too. Please lang!”

Rare Find
Reports say biologists found a Rafflesia manillana, the world’s largest flower in the Sierra Madre mountains. It was a rare find the report said. But I’d be more excited if they would find Reynald Lim, Delfin Lee or Nur Misuari.

1Nobel Prize
Canadian short fiction writer Alice Munro has won this year’s Nobel Prize in literature – while the Nobel Prize in good chemistry was awarded to Janet Lim-Napoles and her lawmaker friends.

If there’s a Nobel Prize in corruption, the Philippines would have multiple finalists.

A high-ranking government official in Libya was kidnapped by rebels apparently to teach him a lesson for his poor performance. If only the NPA was just as useful.

1New Planet
Astronomers have spotted “a strange, lonely” planet floating “alone” in space. They named it ‘Noynoy.’
“People who say, ‘Let the chips fall where they may,’ usually figure they will not be hit by a chip.”
~ Bernard Williams

Sound Bites
“I sometimes personally make the calls to verify signatures, and in one occasion Senator Revilla scolded me for the delay in the release of his PDAF to a designated NGO when I called his office.”
~Dennis Cunanan, Director, Technology Resource Center

“It’s unkind to argue with a trainee.”
~Former Senator Joker Arroyo on palace spokesperson Edwin Lacierda

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20 09 2013

Totally Baseless Information On or About Political Figures, People in Government, and Other Personalities In the News

1: Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile stopped eating pork and beef when he turned 80 years old. He’s now 89 and eats only fish. His all-time favorite is “GG.”

2: In her high school yearbook, Janet ‘Jenny’ Lim-Napoles was described as “Most Likely to Get Away With A Crime Due to Connections.”

3: Jinggoy Estrada is into zumba. He also attends a yoga class thrice a week.

4: When the pork barrel scam story first came out, at least nine senators opened new bank accounts in the Caribbean. One Cabinet member closed a Metrobank account.

5: Janet Lim-Napoles had a cameo in Bong Revilla’s 2002 MMFF entry “Agimat.” She played the role of a witch who terrorized a community. In the closing credits though, “Janet Napoles – As herself” appeared.

6: In her past life, lawyer Lorna Kapunan was a geisha.

7: Incumbent Masbate governor and former representative Rizalina Seachon-Lanete (who was charged with plunder) loves the color orange. In a radio interview, she admitted that all her clothes, including her panties, brassieres, and corsets were orange. One of her daughters is named Carrota.

8: Juan Ponce Enrile’s former chief of staff, Gigi Reyes who is also facing plunder charges has left the country. She communicates with Enrile through Skype or Facetime before going to bed every night.

9: When Jeane Napoles celebrated her 18th birthday, the traditional 18 candles were replaced by 18 Rolex watches while the 18 roses became 18 Louis Vuitton bags.

10: Bong Revilla has lost 12 lbs. since the PDAF scandal broke out. He has also started taking anti-depressants.

11: After drawing flak for her controversial statement on pork barrel, Lani Mercado was ordered gagged by the Revilla clan.

12: Janet ‘Jenny’ Lim-Napoles is a dominatrix.

13: A corrupt senator’s corrupt chief of staff receives a monthly salary of P50,000 only. But every quarter, s/he gets an additional P5-million per approved transaction with a bogus NGO.

14: In grade school, Benhur Luy was once named Mr. Talent in the Mr. and Ms. Nutrition contest. His talent was forging signatures.

15: When his name was mentioned by talent manager Lolit Solis on radio, Executive Secretary Paquito ‘Jojo’ Ochoa unfriended Janet and Jimmy Napoles on Facebook. He has since deactivated the account.

16: Janet Lim-Napoles’ code name for Jojo Ochoa was ‘Tagay.’ Ochoa’s code name for Napoles was ‘ILONGga.’

17: JLN Corp’s office is at Unit 2502 in Discovery Suites. Asked why she chose 2502, Janet Napoles’ once boasted, “250 senators and congressmen mula sa two Houses of Congress ang hawak ko sa bayag.”

18: When Joseph Estrada was first told about Jinggoy Estrada’s alleged involvement in another fund scandal, he allegedly quipped, “May bago ba do’n?”

18.1: Everytime Jinggoy Estrada tells a lie, he gains a pound.

19: A recent survey revealed 6 in 10 lawmakers have met and partied with Janet Lim-Napoles. The rest are liars who are going to rot in hell anyway.

20: Former senator and now, Manila Standard Today columnist Kit Tatad will drop another bombshell: President Aquino was having dinner with Nur Misuari in Basilan when Zamboanga City was attacked by MNLF rebels.

21: Nur Misuari’s full name is Nuraanur Villamayor Misuari. His mother, Marie Lyn (who married a Muslim scholar she met in UP) was originally from Bicol.

22: On a scale of Frank Drilon to Loren Legarda, the average sexiness of senators is Nancy Binay. On a scale of Lito Lapid to Miriam Defensor-Santiago, the average Senate IQ is Tito Sotto.

23: Manny Pacquiao recites Biblical passages whenever he makes love to Jinkee.

24: A private, non-commissioned study showed DILG Sec. Mar Roxas had the longest television exposure among government officials this year on a per minute basis. As of Sept. 16, his total TV exposure was 234 minutes while President Aquino was exposed for about 198 minutes. Rounding out the top 5 were Vice President Jejomar Binay, DOJ Sec. Leila De Lima, and Health Assistant Secretary Dr. Eric Tayag.

25: Taguig City Mayor Lani Cayetano and Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay were high school sweethearts.

26: In Traveler’s Digest’s list of the 10 “Cities with the World’s Best Looking Men,” Quezon City placed seventh. Not to be outdone, another magazine named Makati City as one of the 10 “Cities in the World With the Longest-Serving Political Families in the City Hall.”

27: LTO Chief Virginia Torres is a Martin Scorsese die-hard. Her favorite Scorsese film is ‘Casino.’

28: The Ateneo De Manila Athletic Council has released an open letter to the Ateneo community enjoining them to cheer for FEU as the Tamaraws battle La Salle in the UAAP Final 4.

29: After enjoying her first MRT ride, Kris Aquino announces her three next adventures: riding a jeepney in Pasay, swimming in Lagusnilad or España on a stormy day, and taking a ferry ride to Cebu via Sulpicio Lines.

30: When he’s being playful, Sen. Koko Pimentel calls Senators Chiz Escudero and Sonny Angara “beh.”
“The number one rule of thieves is that nothing is too small to steal.”
~ Jimmy Breslin

Sound Bites
“In October, we will come up with the results of the audit on the Malampaya Fund. Let this serve as a heads-up. The results will be explosive.”
~COA Chief Grace Pulido-Tan

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8 09 2013

SIX CLOSED-CIRCUIT television (CCTV) cameras were installed in and out of Janet Lim-Napoles’ bungalow-type detention facility at Fort Sto. Domingo in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The Philippine National Police says live footage will not be made available to the public – but there will be hourly updates from Toni Gonzaga and Bianca Gonzalez.

Lawyer Lorna Kapunan says her client’s detention is not a “reality show.” Napoles is having a hard time accepting that what’s happening right now is real.

Members of the PNP Special Action Force are monitoring the CCTV feed. Last night, they were a bit shocked when MTRCB Chair Toto Villareal suddenly appeared on the screen and said, “Responsibilidad nating lahat na bantayan ang pinapanood ng pulisya. Para mas enjoy tayo sa pinapalabas at hindi… pinalalabas.”

BREAKING! A CD was sent to this blogger by an anonymous source from Fort Sto. Domingo. It contained tapped conversations between Jenny Napoles and a mystery man. He are some excerpts.

VOICE: Janet, lumabas ka sa sala. Dalhin mo ang iyong unan, at ihanda ang sarili sa susunod na task.
JLN: Sige po Kuya.

Maupo ka Janet.
Salamat po Kuya.

Ano ang naramdaman mo ngayong nag-iisa ka na rito?
Nakakatakot po Kuya pero wala naman akong choice, ‘di ba? Pinasok ko ‘to.

Janet, libu-libo ang nag-audition para sa slot mo. Ano ang feeling na ikaw ang napili?
Nagulat po ako Kuya kasi puwede namang iba na lang ang nasa puwesto ko. Siguro nga, minalas lang po ako Kuya.

Habang narito ka Janet, marami kang pagdadaanang tasks at challenges. Ano ba ang expectations mo?
Kasi po Kuya, gusto kong maging winner. Bata pa lang ako sa Basilan, ambisyon ko na talagang maging winner. So ‘yon po, sana manalo ako.

Dr. Randy Dellosa (Resident Psychologist): Dapat nating unawain ang sitwasyon ni Janet. Lumaki kasi siya sa hirap kaya’t nasa puso’t isipan niya ang ambisyon, ang hangaring makaahon. Hindi nakapagtatakang when she saw an opportunity, sinamantala niya ‘yon. Underscore ‘sinamantala.’

Pati ba naman dito, may eksena ka pa rin Doc Randy? Anyway, Janet, alam mo ba ang kantang “Pinoy Ako” ng Orange and Lemons?
Opo Kuya.

Alam mo na ang gagawin mo Janet. Anytime na patugtugin ‘yan sa Fort Sto. Domingo compound, sasayaw ka. Maliwanag ba?
Kailangan po ba talaga ‘yon Kuya?

Gano’n talaga Janet. Kailangang magmukha kang tanga. Marami nang gumawa niyan sa telebisyon. Kasama ‘yan sa rules.
Ok po Kuya.

Sanga pala Janet, lahat ng pumapasok sa bahay na ito, may ginagamit na alias. Halimbawa: ‘Kilabot ng Caloocan,’ ‘Pretty Pasaway ng Pasig’ o kaya ‘Dashing Debonaire ng Davao.’
Parang pang-teen edition naman ‘yan Kuya. Wala po bang ibang examples?

Meron Janet. Ilan sa mga kilalang taong nakulong na rito ay gumamit ng mga alias na “Kudeta Kid,” “Monster ng Mindanao” at “Anak ng Jueteng.” Anong alyas ang gusto mong gamitin?
Pwede po bang “Innocent Beauty of Basilan” Kuya?

Hindi ko mapapayagan ‘yan Janet. Baka maakusahan ako ng special treatment.
Sige po Kuya. Iba na lang. Pwede na ba ang “Poor Darling of Discovery Suites?”

Lalong hindi pwede Janet. Hindi ka poor.
Kayo na lang po Kuya ang mag-suggest. Wala na po akong maisip.

Fine! Mula ngayon Janet, ang gagamitin mong alias ay “Bathtub Babe ng Basilan.”
Grabe ka naman Kuya. Masyadong judgmental.

May reklamo ka Janet?
Wala po Kuya.

Mabuti! Sige, bumalik ka na sa iyong kuwarto at matulog. Mas mahirap ang task mo bukas.
Ano pong task Kuya?

Magsasabi ka ng totoo!
Diyos ko naman Kuya! Sobrang hirap naman no’n! Wala po bang iba?

Sige, Option 2: Ikaw ang magmi-make up sa iyong abogado!
Ay! Option 1 na nga lang ulit Kuya. Magsasabi na lang ako ng totoo.

Good night Janet.
Good night po Kuya.

- End of Conversation –

1KThe Truth
Lawyer Joel Bodegon says, “like anyone else,” his client, Bong Revilla “is interested to know the truth.” To which the ‘truth’ replied, “We already know each other.”

According to lawyer Joel Bodegon, his client Bong Revilla is doing his own investigation “of all the allegations against him.” I’m sure it will be a fair and impartial probe.

Joel Bodegon says the allegations being leveled against his client, Bong Revilla are “lies.” Related: Did you know that the term “honest lawyer” is an oxymoron? Ask your English teacher.

Rich, Richer
Records obtained by Rappler showed Jinggoy Estrada’s net worth grew by 133 percent in just six years. In other news, public disgust for him grew by 1,000 percent in just two months.

Global Prayer
Pope Francis has led a global prayer for peace in Syria. He should lead another global prayer for honesty in the Philippine government.

Lipstick Warning
The Food and Drug Administration warned the public against 13 unregistered lipstick products in the market that contain high levels of lead. Attention: Attorney Kapunan.
“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.”
~ Voltaire

Sound Bites
“Makati is not bound by Secretary Roxas’ flawed interpretation of the law. He should not play politics here. As a government official, he is bound by his obligation to respect the law and the decisions of the court.”
~Makati City Mayor Junjun Binay reacting to DILG Sec. Mar Roxas’ statement that the police must observe status quo, i.e. Fort Bonifacio is still part of Taguig City

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15 07 2013

A SERIES of investigative reports by the Philippine Daily Inquirer exposed a P10-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund scam. Pork barrel funds of lawmakers are diverted to ghost projects of bogus NGOs created by a certain Janet Lim-Napoles and her company. Right now, Napoles is being chased by reporters, news anchors, and karma.

After reading the Inquirer’s special report, I now conclude that TIME Magazine erred in declaring President Aquino the most powerful and influential Filipino. No contest, it’s Janet Lim-Napoles!


A Philippine Daily Inquirer special report says 28 lawmakers are being linked to the 10 billion-peso pork barrel scam. Furious lawmakers accuse the Inquirer of erroneous reporting. It’s more than 28!

According to the Inquirer’s special report, Sen. Bong Revilla topped the list of lawmakers who had transactions with Janet Lim-Napoles. Documents showed Revilla allowed his pork barrel to be used by the bogus NGOs 22 times. Wow. Kap’s amazing story!

Reacting to the alleged pork barrel scam, Bong Revilla, in a statement said, “Porke ba may mga nagtutulak sa aking tumakbo sa 2016, wawasakin na nila ang pangalan ko?” And 2016 was like, “uTANG NA loob. Nananahimik ako!”

Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago says lawmakers who have been linked to the pork barrel scam must immediately take a leave of absence out of delicadeza. To which, lawmakers replied, “Ano ‘yon?!”

Breaking: Sketchy reports claim lawmakers who are being linked to the pork barrel scam just had a sudden, unexpected, and uncontrollable urge to buy an extra paper shredder.

Note: This statement was sent to this blogger via email.

Senate of the Philippines
Official Statement

“Ako ay labis na nababahala sa lumabas na report tungkol sa pag-abuso diumano sa Priority Development Assistance Fund o pork barrel ng ilang mambabatas. Nabanggit sa ulat ang aking pangalan. Nakakalungkot – dahil kailanman ay hindi ako umabuso sa salaping ipinagkatiwala sa akin ng taumbayan.

Handa akong sumailalim sa imbestigasyon upang mabatid ang puno’t dulo ng isyung ito. Nais ko lang linawin na ni minsan ay hindi ko nakausap o nakapulong ang Janet Lim-Napoles na ‘yan. Kung totoo man ang ibinabatong mga akusasyon kanya, kaisa ako sa paghahanap ng katarungan. Nasa panig ako ng mamamayan.

Walang pulitika rito. Sa aking palagay ay malinis ang layunin ng mga whistleblowers: ang mahinto ang katiwalian sa pamahalaan.

Sa susunod na sesyon ay magsusumite ako ng leave of absence sa Senado upang maiwasan ang pagkuwestyon sa kredibilidad ng isinasagawang pagsisiyasat ng mga awtoridad.

Muli, kakampi ako ng taumbayan sa paghahanap sa katotohanan. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!”

~ Said No One. Ever.

Scrap PDAF
Senator Franklin Drilon is proposing to scrap the Priority Development Assistance Fund or pork barrel. Janet Lim-Napoles just died.

Sen. Franklin Drilon has just proposed the abolition of the controversial pork barrel. In totally unrelated news, a new SWS survey showed 99 percent of lawmakers answered “Frank Drilon” when they were asked, “If looks could kill, who would you stare at?”

In other news…
According to UP professors, the suggestion made by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino to replace the country’s name “Pilipinas” with “Filipinas” is unconstitutional. Glad to know that silliness is against the law.

An online girl-to-girl magazine has named Filipino singing sensation Charice as the world’s hottest lesbian. Take that Mommy Raquel!

In Russia, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been stuck in a Moscow airport for three weeks now. Snowden has rejected the Russian government’s “relocation offer” of P18,000.

In Rome, Italian Premier Enrico Letta harshly criticized Senator Roberto Calderoli for saying that Congolese-born Italian Immigration Minister Cecile Kyenge looks like an orangutan. Calderoli insisted it was just a joke and added, “Sa mga hindi nakakaunawa, ako na lang ang uunawa sa inyo.”
“Scoundrels will be corrupt and unconcerned citizens apathetic under even the best constitution.”
― William Earl Maxwell

Sound Bites
“As long as government is there, there is money.”
~Alleged “mother” of pork barrel scam Janet Lim-Napoles

“Limang senador sangkot sa 10 billion peso (pork barrel) scam? Billion! B as in baboy talaga! Naghahanap-buhay ang ibang tao. Umulan, umaraw nagtatrabaho ka. Niloloko tayo ng mga ito.”
~Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Sa lahat ng nagbulsa ng pera ng taumbayan, die!

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[Photos from the Philippine Daily Inquirer and Reuters.]


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